Battery Resurrection Guide PRO - New Life For Your Power Tool Batteries

A Million NiCD Batteries Saved From The Land Fill! Thousands Of People Have Saved Tons Of Money! CLICK TO ORDER NOW!

Reverse Osmosis Drain Water Recovery Guide

Your REVERSE OSMOSIS system is wasting about 12 gallons of Fresh Filtered Water every day! CLICK TO ORDER NOW!

RAMBO BATTERY - Runs All Voltages & All Tools!

RAMBO BATTERY is a battery on a bandoleer. By moving the cells externally to a bandoleer, you can use the same battery to run all brands of cordless power tools and any voltages. CLICK TO BUY NOW!

ThumBee Magazine Release Tool For California AR-15

  If you own or plan to buy an AR15 style rifle in California then you will have to deal with the "Bullet Button" that prevents using a finger to release the magazine. CLICK TO ORDER NOW!
  • 15 Jan 2013
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You can recover about 12 gallons of pure clean fresh water a day from your RO system! 

RO Drain Water Recovery ...

Published:26 May 2011
6779 hits
The Porta-Pak is a portable universal battery that will power all your cordless power tools - any ...

Porta-Pak Power Station

Published:26 May 2011
8571 hits
Thumbee In Action - See it!


Published:14 Jan 2013
77528 hits
The Multi-Voltage Rambo Battery Allows you to easily switch between 3 voltages.

Multi-Voltage Rambo ...

Published:26 May 2011
63598 hits
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