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Multi-Voltage Rambo Battery Featured

Multi-Voltage Rambo Battery
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The Multi-Voltage Rambo Battery Allows you to easily switch between 3 voltages.


Rambo Battery™ Multi-Voltage Kit - Learn More
Our Deluxe Rambo Battery™ Multi-Voltage Kit

Our Multi-Voltage Rambo Battery™ Kit offers the following features:

  • Runs multiple tools of any brand and any voltage up to 19.2 volts. Voltages up to 60 volts are possible with additional optional items.
  • 3 voltage outputs by changing the switch. You determine the output voltages when you assemble it. Suppose you had a 9.6 volt Makita, 14.4 volt Milwaukee, and an 18 volt Dewalt. The guide shows you how to easily connect the switch to out put those voltages. Suppose you owned a 12 volt Dewalt, 10. 8 volt Li-ion Bosch, and a 19.2 volt Craftsman. The guide will show you how to connect the switch to output those 3 voltages. Pick any 3 voltages from 2.4, 4.6, 6, 7.2, 8.4, 9.6, 10.8, 12, 13.2, 14.4, 15.6, 16.8, 18, 19.2, 20.4, 21.6,. 22.8, and 24.
  • Most bang for the buck because the more tools you can run from one battery is the most cost effective.
  • Obsolete tools can be used again. Just make a battery adapter from an old battery that fits your tool and it's working again.
  • Less expensive than conventional batteries because you can easily replace a bad cell in a few minutes and not have to toss the entire battery.
  • Carry your tool in the optional holster. Lots of people use drill holsters because there are some places you can't lay down your tool. Our holster is designed to work with the Rambo Battery™.
  • Includes a coiled cord in addition to the 4' standard cable. You choose the one you like the best before assembling.
  • Cells not included with any of our kits. There are many sellers of Sub-C battery cells and we give you a big list of suppliers.
  • Super Low Cost when you scavenge cells from other batteries. Suppose you had 3 tool batteries and all were weak or dead. You can remove the good cells from those batteries and use them to build a rambo battery.
Rambo Battery Std Kit

mult-voltage rambo battery

Running a Firestorm 14.4 volt drill
Rambo Battery™ Multi-Voltage Kit - holster is optional - tool and cells not included

rambo battery multi-voltage

Plugged in a Skil 18 volt drill - changed the voltage switch - about 10 seconds
Rambo Battery™ Multi-Voltage Kit - holster is optional - tool and cells not included

What's Included - Rambo Battery™ Multi-Voltage Kit

The MULTI-VOLTAGE version of our Rambo Battery™ Kit includes:

    1. Rambo Battery™ Bandoleer for Sub-C cells
    2. Cable – 4ft. Black #16 – 2 conductor
    3. Coiled Cable - #16 – 2 conductor
    4. (2) Quick Disconnect Kits – Each Kit contains 4 pair (4 bullet – 4 push on)
    5. Teflon Tape 10mil  ½” x 6” long
    6. Velcro Wire Lock
    7. Wire – 3ft. Red & Black
    8. Foam Tape – 4ft.
    9. Flexible Wire – 18" (to build flexible design)
    10. Stiffener 16” - Black
    11. (2) Molex Type Connector Kits  – Each Kit Contains 2 Pair (2 female 2 male) & 4 Butt Connectors (enough for 3 battery adapters)
    12. Multi-Voltage Switch
    13. Female Quick Disconnect (1 push on) Used With Multi-Voltage Switch
    14. Rambo Battery™ Build It! Guide™ Online Instruction Plans



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