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Save Water, Save Money

Help The Environment, Save Water, Save Money!


Did you Know You are losing 12 Gallons of Fresh Filtered Water Down the Drain!* Every Day!

The Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water Recovery System
RO Filtered Water Recovery System


This cheap to build recovery system collects water like a rain barrel, but instead of rain, it collects the filtered water from your Reverse Osmosis System that is going down the drain

Imagine this 32 gallon container filling up every 3 days with highly filtered water that is cleaner than your tap water!

When no rain is in the forecast to fill your rain barrel, your RO filtered water recovery system is producing about 12 gallons a day!

If a disaster happens and your tap water is cut off, where would you go for water? Do you want dirty rain water containing dust, spores, and bacteria? Or - if you have an RO Recovery system, you'll have clean highly filtered water!

For about $45 you can add an RO filtered water recovery system like the one to the left!

Look How Clean This Water Is

Wow, It's Fresh!

Yes, it is cleaner than your tap water, because it is your tap water that has been through sediment and carbon filters.

The RO membrane needs this constant flow of highly filtered water to keep it working correctly and all RO systems simply dump this clean filtered water down the drain.

Fresh Clean Recovered Water
How Would I Use RO Recovered Water?
RO recovered water has many great uses
  • Use it to water your plants with watering cans
  • Use it to water a garden or trees with a hose
  • It's a nice fresh drink for your dog or other animals
  • For survival - can be used in an emergency
  • You can store it much longer and it stays fresher than rain water
  • It's FREE water that is going down your drain as you read this
  • Recycle our most precious resource
Woman using RO Filtered Water to water garden
How Can I Recover RO Filtered Water for FREE?
Graphic of recovery system To Recover the RO filtered water (about 12 gallons a day) you will need to add an RO Filtered Water Recovery System. Until now, it did not exist, but Unique Dynamics, Inc. recognized the need and designed and built a simple system that is cheap and works great.

Why Is The Guide Easily Worth It's Price?

OUR RO Filtered Water Recovery Guide™ Shows You:

  • How to recycle 3000 to 4400 gallons or more a year for your benefit - FREE
  • Step by Step - How to easily tap into your Reverse Osmosis (RO) System to recover and store this valuable RO Filtered Water, so you can use it to water plants, animals, etc.
  • How to easily and cheaply build the system for less than $12 in parts (many people have parts)
  • How to build a complete 32 gallon recovery system for less than $45 if you buy all parts
  • How to add RO Filtered Water recovery to a rain barrel to add water when it is not raining.
  • How to use gravity to move the water, so no energy is needed. Recovery is totally FREE.
  • Instructions are step by step with pictures!
Recovered water going into watering can

RO Filtered Water is Free of Most Particles & Chlorine

Hand in Recovered water showing its purity
The Water is Still Clear!

After 3 months in operation, here is a picture of my fingers in the RO waste water from my recovery system. Click the picture for a larger picture where you can see how really clean and clear this RO filtered water is.

Remember, this RO filtered water is your tap water that has been through a 4 micron sediment filter and 2 carbon filters. That is better filtration than Brita type filters.

Our amazing Guide shows you how to make a water collection system using items you probably have around your house. Most likely, you might need to buy a few inexpensive parts for less than $12. But, even if you needed to buy all parts, the "RO Filtered Water Recovery System" would still cost you less then $45
RO Waste Water for Survival

Emergency Water!

It's hard to see in the picture, but that water scooped from the storage container is crystal clear. This unit has been in constant operation for 3 months. RO reclaimed water is highly filtered tap water. In a survival situation, your life could depend upon this clean filtered water.

Rain water is great for watering plants, but in an emergency survival situation would you rather drink this water or dirty moldy water sitting in a rain barrel for 2 weeks? Just look in your rain barrel to see what I mean!

Showing purity of reclaimed water

Help The Environment!

Recycling water

Just think - right now almost every RO system installed is wasting 4400 gallons of clean filtered water a year down the drain. Assuming there are 5 million RO systems in operation, then 22 billion gallons of usable water are being wasted. That's 60.3 million gallons of water a day!

Now, there is an inexpensive way for you to do your part and recycle, and it's Free!







Picture of RO Filtered Water Recovery System Ebook
The RO Filtered Water Recovery Guide™ is an ebook - you will receive instant online access by email with the user name and password automatically after payment. If the automatic email does not arrive, wait up to 4 hours for the back up email that will be sent manually.
You Have Money Going Down The Drain!

I bet you're unaware that your RO system is dumping 4 to 6 Gallons of Water down the drain for every Gallon of Drinking Water it makes. until now, there was no way to recover it and recycle it.

Unique Dynamics, Inc. has designed and built an RO waste water recovery system that works great that you can make also.

You are presently wasting about 12 gallons of highly filtered water a day or 84 gallons per week or 4400 gallons / year - maybe even more that could be used for watering plants, gardens, trees, animals, or as a survival water supply.

Money going down the drain
You Are Not Alone Losing Money -
Losing Money  - flying away due to loss of water

All home Reverse Osmosis systems are installed with a connection to an outgoing drain. About 12 gallons each and every day go down that drain.

Your Reverse Osmosis system needs a constantly flowing stream of water through the RO membrane filter to operate correctly. This stream is the RO filtered water we recover.

No! It is filtered, fresh, clear, and clean.

Reverse Osmosis "Filtered Water Recovery Guide™"


Why Do I Want The Free RO System Buyers Guide™

varioius reverse osmosis systems

Wow! In the picture, these are just some of the various types of RO systems available.

Don't be taken advantage of! Our guide will educate you, so you will know what to buy - no salesman will be able to trick you into paying too much.

The guide focus' on getting you the best quality RO system for the best price that fits your needs.

About the "RO Buyers Guide™

The RO Buyers Guide™ that is included FREE will educate you, so when you decide to buy an RO system you will make the right choice the first time and the money you save will easily pay for this guide and you'll keep saving year after year.


  • Which RO systems have the lowest price replacement filters
  • Where to buy replacement filters at the lowest price for your system
  • Various locations you can install an RO system in your home or office
  • Which systems to avoid - their filter housings tend to leak
  • How various RO systems are designed
  • How ice makers are properly connected, so they don't leak
  • How to pick an RO system based upon your skill level for changing filters
  • The different RO systems needed for city feed water or well water feed
  • How RO systems can use additional stages for killing virus and bacteria
  • How to add a stage for 100% purity - laboratory grade cleanliness
  • How to add a stage to add desirable minerals to the RO water
  • What you need to know if you are installing an RO system yourself
  • What water testing devices are available and what they are used

About 12 gallons of FREE water each and every day. Fresh filtered water day after day that you get FREE! It is smart to recycle our most precious resource. A product of Unique Dynamics, Inc.

Order Now! and Start Saving Money and Water!

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