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Fix Your NiCad Batteries

Fix Your NiCad Batteries
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Make your Dead or Weak Power Tool Batteries Work again!

What Is the "Battery Resurrection® Guide™pro version"
The "Battery Resurrection® Guide™pro version" is an online, password secured, step by step guide that will enable anyone who can use a few common tools to resurrect rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries to their full potential (so they will hold a charge). For the 3 step method you will need access to individual cells within the battery, therefore some disassembly is required for many power tool batteries. Sealed batteries like the VersaPak do not require any disassembly and are Resurrected in seconds. Also, there is an "Easy Resurrection" one step process you can try first!
This auction does not include any hardware or tools. A volt meter is required -
You can price one by clicking here
This auction is for online access to the

"Battery Resurrection® Guide™pro version"
that is available only from Unique Dynamics, Inc. © Copyright 2005-2010 by Unique Dynamics, Inc.
Shipping and Handling: NONE!
You will be sent an email automatically with the link, user, and password to the "Battery Resurrection® Guide™pro version" after your payment is completed and received. A backup email will be sent manually within 4 hours.

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Unique Dynamics, Inc. 6125 Caminito Sacate, San Diego, CA 92120
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