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ThumBee on Camo

ThumBee on Camo
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The ThumBee on a Camo Background

Every CA AR-15 Owner Needs a Thumbee for AR-15 clip release tool
  • The Thumbee bullet button solution is made from elastic, so one size fits all
  • The AR-15 bullet button solution "Stinger" is made of steel and is designed,
    so it is always there when you need it!
  • The CA legal NoN Magnetic Mag Release Tool is comfortable to wear - you'll forget it's on

OPERATION - (Play the video above!)

Simply slide the AR15 Clip Release Tool Logo over your thumb with the stinger pointed towards the gun. When you want to release the clip, put your fingers below the clip and push the stinger into bullet button recess. The clip drops into your hand.

The Thumbee - bullet button magazine release tool meets the legal requirements of being an external tool. We will send the color you request if available at the time of shipping.


The Thumbee.net non magnet mag release tool is $9.95 USD List Price, But -

 Goto Thumbee.net

I know that you will be blown away by how perfectly the ThumBee logo for California bullet button works and at such a low price. And the best part is you will understand why we say it is 100% legal. The California bullet button solution is a legal external tool, NOT a magnetic button that becomes part of the gun - an illegal felony - jail time!

If you own or plan to buy an AR-15 style rifle (M4, M16, A1,) in California then you will have to deal with the "Bullet Button" required by law that cripples your ability to quickly release the magazine to reload a new magazine. It might be a stupid law, but we must abide by it - and now we created the ultimate solution that makes the bullet button inconsequential.

buy a ThumBee for AR 15 M4 or M16 in California
  • Last modified on Tuesday, 29 March 2016
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