Battery Resurrection Guide PRO - New Life For Your Power Tool Batteries

Battery Resurrection Jenni the Battery Genie

A Million NiCD Batteries Saved From The Land Fill!

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Unique Dynamics, Inc. has designed a way to Resurrect your Ni-Cad batteries!

  • After Resurrection, your NiCad rechargeable battery will hold a full charge*.
  • After Resurrection, your battery will have full power & run time potential.**
  • You can Resurrect most power tool and VersaPak Batteries and many others.
  • The "Battery Resurrection® Guide™pro version" has 3 easy steps. Learn it once and you can repeat it over and over on as many batteries as you want.
  • A new "Easy Resurrecton" procedure has been added - you don't even need to open the battery! It's fast and easy! NEW! DustBuster Battery Repair!
    * all NiCad batteries gradually lose their charge. ** the battery's full power & run time potential
    Fix All NiCads - Power Tool, Phone, Laptop, Single Cells, Shaver, Remote Car



I bought a series of Black & Decker tools. (2) drills, a reciprocating saw, circular saw, and light that all used the same 14.4 volt battery. I also bought extra batteries and have a total of 4.

Three of the Batteries Stopped Holding a Charge

You can probably relate to this... I charge the battery today and tomorrow my drill runs slow and then it runs out of power after one minute. If I charge the battery and then use it right away, it will work, but it has much less power and its run time is very short compared to a new battery.


The "Battery Resurrection® Guide™pro version" is an online, password secured, step by step guide that will enable anyone who can use a few common tools to resurrect rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries to their full potential (so they will hold a charge). For the 3 step method you will need access to individual cells within the battery, therefore some dis-assembly is required for many power tool batteries. Sealed batteries like the VersaPak do not require any dis-assembly and are Resurrected in seconds. Also, there is an "Easy Resurrection" one step process you can try first!

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